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This is our page dedicated to our new addition to Top Spot! Welcome Adele ! So glad to have her here - she has been a great sport, enjoyed her time off, and starting to turn her into a NonPro horse! Thank you to everyone at Top Spot for the extra care this winter and Ray Show Horses for training and coaching us through this next level!  

 Thank you so much to Rebecca Hogan of Chepota for letting us purchase Adele. We enjoyed watching her from afar with you and 2L, and when we met her in person, loved her even more.   Glad she is a part of our horse family!

2019 Color Breed Congress - Tulsa, Oklahoma

4x CBC Champion


Four classes, four Championships. 

Shown by Angela Ray (Open HUS) and Jocelyn Kish (in hand). 

Open Pinto and Open ApHC HUS,

Open Hunter in Hand and Non Pro Hunter in Hand.

Overall High Point Open ApHC Horse


With her winnings in her HUS and Hunter in Hand, Adele won the Overall High Point Open ApHC Horse.

2x NSBA Champion


Adele posing with her 2 NSBA Bronzes. 

In Open Pinto and Open ApHC Hunter under Saddle

2019 Appaloosa Nationals, Fort Worth,TX / Pinto Worlds, Tulsa,OK

2x 2019 National Champion

Blue Boys Fair Lady Hunter in Hand 2019

Open Hunter in Hand 2/3yo Mares

Non Pro Hunter in Hand Mares 

Novice Non Pro Hunter Under Saddle


We had a 3yo moment, but happy to have a 2nd place finish under one judge in our first non-pro class!

World Champion Pinto 3-4-5 yo Halter Solid, Hunter Type


About Adele

Its about heart


One of the best parts of this filly is her big heart... she has a great temperment and a great love of her people. Thank you Lisa and everyone at 2L for going such a great job of culturing her talent and still letting her be her.

Hunter in Hand


2019 National Champion Open 2/3yo Hunter in Hand Mare

2019 National Champion Non Pro Hunter in Hand Mare

2018 World Champion 2/3yo Hunter in Hand Mare

2018 National Champion 2/3yo Hunter in Hand Mare

2017 Top 5 Yearling Mares Hunter in Hand

2018 Pinto Worlds HUS


2018 World Pinto Champion Solid 2yo Hunter under Saddle

2018 Nationals HUS


2018 National Champion 2yo Snaffle Bit Hunter Under Saddle  

Her Run: https://youtu.be/0plxYPv8GIg

as a Yearling


2017 Awards

  • Year end Top 10 Hunter in Hand Mares (as a yearling!)
  • ROM in Hunter in Hand Mares
  • Territory High Point in Hunter in Hand Mares
  • NSBA Res World Champion Hunter Longeline
  • NSBA Bronze World Champion
  • Congress Res Champion Longeline

Shown by Lisa Ligon of 2L Performance horses

Blue Boys Fair Lady 2017

 2018 ApHC Awards

  • 2x Bronze Medallion (World Show Hunter in Hand Champion & National Show Hunter in Hand Champion)
  • Silver Medallion (National Show 2yo Snaffle bit Hunter under Saddle)
  • Year end 3rd in World standings Hunter in Hand Mares, Territory 4 High Point Hunter in Hand Mares.

Blue Boys Fair Lady in 2017

2018 ApHC National 2yo Hunter Under Saddle Champion

2018 ApHC National Open Hunter in Hand 2/3yo Mares Champion