Layover Information!

Overnight here!


We have box stalls and indoor space for your overnight horse to relax on a cross country trip. See SERVICES for pricing.



10x12' boxstalls with rubber flooring

each one is disinfected after and before you get  into it. You can bring your own hay and pails, or use our disinfected ones.

Grooming areas


We also have tie stalls for grooming, or cross ties in the alley.

Indoor arena


Our 80' x 120' insulated arena is quiet and open for booking clinics and/or layovers.

Steady herd


Our resident herd is separate from the horse hotel for your safety and ours! Our show horses are vaccinated and also monitored very closely.  All of our horses are coggins tested and vaccinated, and we request that our guests be also. 

Health is #1


We carry a wide range of supplements if you need, excellent for gastric disruption and/or pain/swelling. We can also get you access to a vet quickly if you need. 

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

For a Layover, drop us a line or call or text.

We can accept most layovers under 8 horses within 24h notice.

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