About Us


Operations at Top Spot are run by Jocelyn Kish and her spouse Greg Harp. Jocelyn has a strong science background from her BScA (U of S)  and Masters degrees (UCDavis) and has much training and tools in alternative and complimentary medicine. 

Tools we have

  • We can run a low-light cool Laser and an iMRS machine (PEMF) to improve healing and/or performance.
  • We can run Access Bars on you, Access body processes on you and your horse, Reiki, performance stretches and recommend proven supplements and feeds.

What else...

We can also offer you a place to train, learn or lesson.... and recommend great vets, equine chiropractor, lessons and training for you and your horse.

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What we offer

Horses are Teachers & Healers


Time around horses can help shift our life. whether you are a horse-person or not, sometimes moments with a non-judgemental being is what we need.

Sessions for you & your horse


Bars Facilitator and Practitioner, we offer Bars sessions as well as Body and ESSE sessions with and without horses. As well, LLLT (cool laser) sessions with the MR4 Multivariance Laser.

Services List

Day in the Barn


Come help spoil a horse while giving yourself that attention you need. Programs not focusing on riding but horse care and self-care.